Removing old paint

In the restoration of discs, the first task is to remove the old paint and primer from the disc. This task is not only the first in the list of works, but it truly occupies the main place for obtaining the quality of painting.

Removing the old paint carefully without damaging the surface of the disc is not an easy task. There are ways in which the process can be fast, but the surface of the disc will be rough and the quality of painting will never be factory.

We work with special chemicals to remove the paint, the discs are chemically cleaned in containers with chemicals, then washed off with water. Further, the disk enters the shot-blasting cabin and is cleaned with a fine homogeneous shot fraction. This is the best way to clean the disc surface. With sand, we do not allow ourselves to sandblast discs. Because there are small pebbles that lead to craters on the discs.

We should mention one procedure that should not be present at all in the process of removing old paint, but unfortunately it is used very often. This is firing discs to facilitate sandblasting. When the paint is fired with a cutter, uncontrolled heating of the disk occurs, and the aluminum leads and the metal is tempered. You can guess what consequences this leads to.

The cost of removing old paint starts from 200 UAH per disc
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