Tire storage

Wheel storage – The process that most motorists face when changing winter tires to summer tires and vice versa twice a year. Few people know that proper storage of tires allows you to increase the life of the latter and maintain the necessary performance. On the other hand, installing improperly stored car tires on a car can lead to the most dangerous consequences, because the reliability of such tires deteriorates significantly.

First of all, remember the most important – never drop tires anywhere, such as in a corner. Before replacing tires, write with chalk on each of them the place of their installation, that is, PL – front left, ZP – rear right, etc. Next, clean the tires of dirt and remove gravel particles from them. "Master Shin" performs these manipulations whenever he takes the wheels for storage. It's called conservation. We can preserve your wheels, and if you have the right storage space, then you can be sure that your tires are stored properly.

So, what are tires afraid of? Tires are made of rubber, and therefore they are afraid of three things: direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Therefore, in order not to have to throw away tires that are still quite decent in tread condition, they need to be stored in a dark, dry room, the air temperature in which does not rise above 20-25 degrees > Celsius. It is also important that there are no sudden temperature changes in this room, which lead to the formation of condensate, and that there is not a lot of dust and dirt, which also do not contribute to tire longevity. If the rubber dries out (direct sunlight or temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius), microcracks appear on it, which significantly weaken the overall strength, which can lead (and often does) to burst the tire while driving. The most unpleasant thing is that these cracks are not always visible with your eyes, so you may not even know that your wheels are no longer as reliable as when they were new.

Neverstack individual tires on top of each other. Tires that will be at the bottom deform during the winter under the weight of the top ones. It is better to either lay them out on the floor separately from each other, or keep them in an upright position, leaning one against the other. In the case when you store rubber without removing it from the disks, then you can put it in a pile of — "well".

Based on the conditions necessary for tire storage, the optimal conditions for tire storage are: a dry and clean basement, a brick garage, a storage room in an apartment, or a specialized warehouse for storing tires, which are now becoming increasingly popular and open in large numbers. It is strongly not recommended to store tires outdoors, even under a canopy! For those six months that the rubber will spend in the open air, it will receive the whole range of conditions that are contraindicated for tires — dew, rain, sun, temperature difference, dust and dirt. You can get rid of problems by handing over tires for storage to specialized companies. There your wheels will be safe and sound until the next season. In these companies, the storage conditions for tires are different from the storage conditions at home. Tire Master is happy to provide this service.

The cost of tire storage - 100 UAH / per month
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