Tire puncture repair

Experienced drivers are not surprised by such a trifle as a tire puncture.
Often the cause of a puncture is a screw. After removing the wheel, you can visually find the puncture site. In this case, a patch of the required size is installed by cold vulcanization, depending on the damage.

The next cause of air leakage may be a valve. It often dries out and cracks. When reshoeing tires, the craftsmen should pay attention to the valves and, if necessary, replace them.

Another reason is the spool in the valve. It happens that it slowly passes air, it is easy to detect this by splashing water on it and in the case of bubbles, the reason will be clear.

A rarer problem that we are approached with is a wheel running off the rim. If the wheel gets into the pit, the disk is deformed and straightening is required. Disc corrosion also serves as a sealing problem. Moreover, not only steel wheels, but also alloy wheels are susceptible to corrosion.

The cost of repairing a tire puncture starts from 150 UAH 
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