Tire wheel fitting

Seasonal change of tires and wheels

A tire changer is a type of work aimed at removing a tire from a car rim for subsequent repair or replacement. 
Our workshop is equipped with modern machines, to work with discs from 10 to 24 diameters, any type of Run Flat tire, low profile. We also work with motorcycle wheels. 
The machines are equipped with plastic protective pads, which excludes the defeat of both tires and discs.

The cost of tire fitting (4 pcs) depends on their size.
Select the required size to clarify the cost in the price list.

Disk Size Car Crossover Suv Minibus
R13/14 500 UAH     560 UAH
R15 560 UAH 620 UAH 680 UAH 620 UAH
R16 620 UAH 660 UAH 740 UAH 720 UAH
R17 680 UAH 720 UAH 800 UAH 760 UAH
R18 720 UAH 800 UAH 900 UAH 820 UAH
R19 780 UAH 880 UAH 1000 UAH 900 UAH
R20 820 UAH 1000 UAH 1100 UAH 1000 UAH
R21 900 UAH 1100 UAH 1200 UAH 1200UAH
R22 960 UAH 1140 UAH 1320 UAH 1400UAH