Alignment of alloy wheels

Balance the wheels when installing and after 8000-10000 km of run. Avoid roads where there is a possibility of damage to the rims before changing their geometry. Clean discs from excessive contamination in a timely manner.

Correct wheel balance prevents:

  • Uneven and premature tire wear
  • Increased wear of the main suspension units
  • deterioration of vehicle stability and handling
  • reduced driver comfort
  • fuel wastage due to negative wheel drag

The cost for straightening alloy wheels (1 pc) depends on their size.
Select the required size to clarify the cost in the price list.

Disk Size Cost
R15 220 UAH
R16 250 UAH
R17 280 UAH
R18 300 UAH
R19 350 UAH
R20 370 UAH
R21 400 UAH
R22 450 UAH
R23 500 UAH