Side cut repair

One of the most common tire problems faced by car owners. 
It is especially easy to damage a tire in winter, when weather conditions exacerbate the situation, it is easier to run into a sharp hole, to hook a curb.
The tire is not subject to restoration if the damage occurred on a non-repairable section of rubber or the size of the cut exceeds the standard size. 

A small cut can be fixed. 
A cord patch is installed on the inside of the tire   using hot vulcanization. The threads in the patch create a stable seal and fix it, preventing slipping. In fact, the patch imitates a damaged  section of the tire.
From the front of the tire, there is a cosmetic repair using raw rubber and the same hot vulcanization method.

This completes the repair process. Subject to all the rules of the technique, the wheel will last for a long time. But in any case, we must remember that the integrity of the tire has been broken, and it is not recommended to drive at maximum speed on such a wheel. 
As our practice shows, basically all tires subject to repair of a side cut served until they were completely worn out.

The cost of repairing a side cut starts from UAH 400
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