Diamond cutting on the face of the disc

Many new, factory and other discs are made with a diamond groove on the front. So the disc plays with a modern look and emphasizes the unique pattern.

We have the equipment with which we can restore the diamond groove during the restoration of the disc!

Why is it actually called a diamond groove? The work is done on a precise CNC machine! Used cutters for cutting aluminum with diamond. Hence the name «diamond groove»

This gives a very clean surface with a nice iridescent sheen. After the groove, the disc must be varnished.

Disk Size Cost
R15 2500 UAH
R16 2500 UAH
R17 2500 UAH
R18 2800 UAH
R19 3000 UAH
R20 3200 UAH
R21 3500 UAH
R22 3500 UAH